Marketing campaigns are not just a necessity for higher education and private schools any longer. Public schools are facing competition from homeschooling, charter schools, and aggressive private institutions. This has resulted in an enrollment decline and a reduction of federal funding as the student population drops. Unfortunately, the expenses of schools do not necessarily decline along with the reduction in student enrollment, and it becomes imperative that each does what is necessary to increase their student numbers. This means selling their services to the parents in their districts to convince them that this is the school where their children will get the best education.

Not just any marketing company can manage this type of sales campaign. With education marketing, the process is much different than selling a tangible product. Parents want to know what type of education their child will be able to get, but they also want to know what the overall experience will be. They need to see real statistics regarding how students in the district fare regarding graduation rates, standardized testing, and continuing their education. In addition, school market research will also need to identify the extracurricular activities that are important to the parents of each area.

Every community is different. Some parents may prefer a school that is focused on art, languages, and music. Others may want their child to be able to have a broad range of athletic groups available to them. Outside activities, such as additional summer or holiday programs offered through an affiliation with a local university system or a variety of enriching field trips can also be a strong draw. With an experienced research company, it is possible to identify what the parents in the district are seeking. This makes it easier for schools to highlight areas their strengths match the students’ needs.

For each school district to remain strong, well-funded, and fully populated, school market research must be honest and targeted to the needs of students in the district. It is always more effective when a skilled marketing company is able to manage the campaign. There are over 50 million children who currently attend public elementary and middle schools within their neighborhoods. It is vital that all schools find ways to retain the students they have while also encouraging parents to forgo private facilities and give public education a chance to prove itself.